It cuts downhill through the west rim of Endeavour crater from

Marathon Valley measures about 300 yards or meters long. It cuts downhill through the west rim of Endeavour crater from west to east the same direction in which Opportunity is currently driving downhill from a mountain summit area atop the crater rim. See our route map below showing the context of the rovers over dozen year long traverse spanning more than the 26 mile distance of a Marathon runners race..

(2016) ‘A complete census of Herschel detected infrared sources within the HST Frontier Fields.’, Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society., 459 (2). Pp. 1626 1645.. Is able to track down documents from older journal numbers as well as chapters or papers from conference proceedings that are not easily accessible any other way. Clients pay a fee based on the speed of delivery necessary. While previously offering four and eight hour options, WTS now offers one hour turnaround on requests.

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